A message from Alicia

Over the last few days I been thinking about how I was going to word this post. Now that I'm typing it, I still have no idea what to say. I have decided rather to simply speak directly from the heart. 

As I'm sure you are more than well aware of the current circumstances the world finds itself in. It's a very strange and fairly overwhelming feeling for me personally. We have had a very rough last 12 months, and as most of you would know, Ajay recently lost his brother only 2 months ago. We are trying to stay positive, however we do find ourselves (as I'm sure you do too) quite anxious and overwhelmed at times. 

It feels like we only just got back from trading at Womadelaide where we met so many beautiful customers, new and old. We were stuck in a little music festival bubble away from what was happening in the world. It was only when we got back last week were struck with how quickly things had changed while we were away.

It seems the universe is teaching us all a huge lesson. A lesson in resilience, a lesson in patience, in gratitude, teaching us to slow down and take time to appreciate what we have and those we love.

For small businesses like ours, the future is unknown and quite scary. The fact that we may not survive this is a very, very real possibility. Not only will we experience loss of sales, but for us personally we cannot travel to India to make any new clothing for the foreseeable future. We usually head over to India around this time of year to make the following summer's collection however this will not be happening this year, nor do we know when or if it will be possible ever. If you have been following us for a while, you will know how hands-on we are during the manufacturing stage. It has been our pride and joy to be so hands-on during that process, however it does mean that making any new clothing is practically impossible without us being there  in person, as I'm sure you can understand. 

There so many small businesses who really need your support right now and throughout this strange time. If you are lucky enough to not be too affected by job or business loss then we ask you to please show your support for your favourite or local small businesses. A few dollars here and there will be the difference between small business owners being able to feed their children, pay their rent and possibly surviving the fall out of this pandemic. Having said that, we truly do appreciate that everyone is in the same boat and know this is definitely not a possibility for all of you. 

If you have been wanting something from our range but for whatever reason did not make a purchase, we have now made it even easier for you to show your support for our little family operated business. We have reduced the threshold for FREE domestic shipping on orders over $100 (previously $150) and are also offering 40% OFF EVERYTHING including already reduced sale items using code word- LOVE40

We are so grateful to all our existing customers who have been the reason we can get up every morning to create beautiful, ethical clothing in this fast and ever-evolving world. We hope each and every one of you reading this stays healthy, positive and gets the chance to slow down and spend some time with those you love.


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