ISO tips with Alicia

Hi lovelies!
Alicia here, I just wanted to write you a little note during this crazy time in the hope that it might help you!  There are a couple of Ishani dresses that I would be TOTALLY lost without during this COVID-19 drama - every time I wear them I say "thank goodness for this dress!"

The two dresses pictured below are literally my iso uniform.  Whenever I have to go to the shops, I put my hand sanitiser in one pocket, and my phone in the other.  Of course they have sleeves because, well I don't know about you, but I haven't shaved in *ahem* a little while.  And the headbands have been a lifesaver, because... re-growth, am I right?

The fabric tote bags have also come in super handy, because you can simply throw it in the washing machine as soon as you get home - easy!

Anyway, have a look at the outfits below - maybe you need them in your iso-life, too!  And just a reminder, we're still offering 40% off storewide, including already reduced sale items - just pop in the code LOVE40 at the checkout.

Take care and stay healthy!

 Oh!  And another great tip - I use our extra large sarongs as a pram cover during our iso walks.  There's only a limited number of these beauties left!


And lastly, some happy news to make you smile - on the weekend we celebrated our gorgeous Amaya's first birthday!  There were balloons, sparkles, tassels, rainbows, toys, a delicious sugar free cake (that I totally fluked), music, dancing, video calls to India, and of course SO much fun and love!

It felt so great to get dressed up and celebrate, even though we're still in isolation.  I highly recommend putting on an outfit that makes you feel stylish and beautiful!  It really does boost your mood.






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